Taking a Look at Car Accident Injuries in Ohio and Across the United States

After nearly a decade of historical decline, the number of killed and injured in Ohio and on roads across the U.S. have gone upward according to https://earpluglawsuitalert.com/

In 2016, the road accidents killed over 4 thousand people and injured nearly 100,000 including 30,000 that were hospitalized.

Until the beginning of the 2000s, road accidents were nearly 8,000 deaths per year.

In 2002, Ohio made road safety a great focus by installing speed cameras on roads, multiplying the traffic signals, and by strengthening sanctions against reckless drivers.

Behaviour of Drivers on The Road

Since 2013, there has been a great release of the behavior of drivers whose consequences are severe. The target set to reduce deaths per year is now out of reach.

Only a strict application of the law seems that it would allow for lasting change: the best of prevention remains the certainty of punishment.

The human and societal issues is indisputable. The high number of very young victims plunges thousands of families in distress and empties our country of its lifeblood. Road accidents maiming the future of thousands of people who will have to survive with a heavy handicap depriving them of work and social integration. Even the best Stuart car accident attorney struggle to get accident compensation for these victims within a reasonable amount of time.

28% dead and one-third of the seriously injured are young people 15 to 24 years.

73% of the seriously injured are unprotected users: pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists.

27% of fatal road accidents are caused by excessive speed.

35% of fatal road accidents are due to drunk driving

22% of fatalities are related to the taking of drugs

32% of the people recognize that they do not respect speed limits, believing that their driver talent allows them to escape the rules.

A majority of drivers admit to regularly using mobile phone at the wheel, especially to check his e-mails or send text messages.

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