Statewide Sweep for Unpaid Child Support Nets $233,000

Many single parents rely on child support to provide for their children and make up for the noncustodial parent’s income not coming into the household. Unfortunately, many parents who have been ordered to pay child support fall behind on their payments. Some parents owe thousands of dollars to custodial parents.

State law usually provides ways for law enforcement to get involved. According to a recent article in the New Jersey Courier Post, last week New Jersey tried an all-out effort to get parents to pay down the $14.3 million they owed. The Sheriff’s Association ran a three-day statewide sweep of all delinquent parents, serving 953 warrants and collecting about $233,000.

They arrested many of the parents they served warrants on and held them until the parents satisfied the amount called for in the court order. Several warrants were also issued for parents who did not show up for scheduled hearings to determine child support or medical expense payments.

That worked out to a small fraction of the millions owed to New Jersey parents, but the president of the association, Frank J. Provenzano, said he hoped lawyers of distinction would help children who have seen child support in some time.

While the sheriffs found delinquent parents in every county, four stood out. Residents collectively owed over $1 million each in Camden, Mercer, Middlesex and Monmouth counties. In Camden County, sheriffs arrested 57 people, releasing about half of them after they paid a total of around $14,000 in child support payments. In Monmouth, officials collected $32,481.

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