Possible premises liability for amusement park where 3-year-old boy died

An amusement park in a Chicago suburb may face premises liability issues for the death of a 3-year-old boy who died from injuries sustained while riding one of the park’s roller coasters. The amusement park was shut down by state inspectors and remained shutdown at the beginning of the week. The family of the 3-year-old boy consoled the 3-year-old’s brother who was on the ride and witnessed his brother’s injuries.

The 3-year-old boy and his twin brother were riding on the Python Pit roller coaster at Go Bananas amusement park last Saturday night when the young boy somehow managed to get loose from the ride’s safety restraint. After becoming loose from the roller coaster’s safety restraint, the little boy fell between two of the roller coaster cars and then dropped multiple feet to the floor of the amusement park. The 3-year-old boy suffered traumatic head injuries and later passed away. Police who investigated the accident scene believe the young boy met the size requirements of the ride.

Unfortunately, the fatal car crash accident is not the first accident associated with the Python Pit roller coaster at the amusement park. At least three other passengers have been injured from the ride; however, most of the injuries were minor. Even though, a Portland accident attorney who represented an individual who was previously injured questions the safety of the roller coaster.

In 2006, a young girl injured her eye and was bleeding while exiting the ride. Paramedics treated the girl at the amusement park. Two years later, the ride stopped without warning and one passenger injured her or his head and was taken to a hospital. In another 2008 incident, a young girl broke her wrist while on the ride as she caught her hand in between the cars of the roller coaster. The amusement park will remain closed until all rides at the park have been inspected and personal injury lawyers of https://www.marsalisilaw.com are contacted.

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