Mother and daughter file premises liability suit for elevator accident

Many of us use elevators everyday and do not think about safety issues as we travel up and down and floor to floor. Elevators are among the safest forms of transportation but when elevator accidents happen they can be shocking. One mother and daughter experienced something almost out of a Hollywood movie when the elevator they were on moved past the floor they selected and then almost came crashing down to the ground floor. The two women have filed a premises liability suit using a Flint, MI injury attorney against the building where the elevator is housed.

According to the women’s Bronx personal injury lawyer, the mother and daughter entered the elevator and pressed the button for the second floor. Instead of stopping at the second floor, the elevator continued past the floor and rose to the eleventh or twelfth floor. When the elevator reached its highest point, it suddenly began to descend rapidly. As the elevator rushed downward, the women said they were pushed to the floor and materials from the light fixtures above them began to fall as well.

When the elevator finally stopped, it stopped one or two feet below the ground floor. The women tried to open the doors but were not able to open the outside door and remained in the elevator for an hour before an elevator technician arrived on the scene to let them out. Firefighters also arrived on the scene.

While the women waited for emergency personnel and the elevator technician, the women began to worry that something else dangerous would occur. The women said they suffered physical and emotional injury from the accident and have sued by the building and the elevator company for $20,666.

Elevators are designed with automatic brakes in case of failure and the outside doors of elevators are designed to remain closed during an emergency in order to keep occupants from falling into the shaft.

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