Dui Convictions Can Ruin Careers

Think a misdemeanor Boulder, CO DUI arrest isn’t serious? Think again! For persons already employed and those seeking new jobs, being convicted for a DUI arrest can cause career chaos!

Florida has tough DUI laws. If pleading no contest or guilty to DUI charges, or when found guilty after trial, DUI defendants receive permanent blemishes on criminal records, even when no jail time is imposed. Unlike findings of guilt administered in many other types of criminal offenses, DUI convictions can never be sealed. That’s why it’s wise to consult with an experienced dui lawyer Orlando, fl about legal strategies which may lead to the avoidance of criminal convictions.

People with career goals mistakenly underestimate the seriousness of Shreveport dwi arrests. Fearing expensive jury awards, insurance companies often advise business clients to verify that job applicants and even current employees don’t have DUI convictions.

Pre-employment criminal background checks, once given primarily to traveling salespersons and truck drivers, are now often conducted on persons applying for work positions not requiring any on-the-job driving. With increasing frequency, employers are refusing to extend job offers to applicants having even just one or an old DUI conviction and are firing longstanding employees convicted of off-the-job DUI offenses. DUI convictions can also have consequences when seeking acceptance into college, the military or admission into professions having licensing requirements. A DUI conviction can jeopardize your current job and future career! Montgomery county dui lawyer is your best option.

Having insulin-dependent diabetes, Mr. Spolter is aware how medical ailments – including those which have not yet been diagnosed in his clients – can make motorists appear to be impaired by alcohol, prescription medications or illegal drugs. Among the DUI clients he has effectively represented are persons whose medical ailments played a role in their having been arrested.

Client’s Condition   Case Outcome Obtained
Broken Collar Bone: Obtained State Attorney’s Agreement to Dismiss all Charges pending against Defendant injured in DUI-related accident who failed the DUI roadside physical tests and also failed Sheriff’s Department’s DUI urine test which revealed Marijuana usage. A full case dismissal permits those not having prior arrests to seek to expunge their criminal records.
Severe Leg Disability: Obtained Reduction to Reckless Driving (with Withhold of Adjudication) on behalf of a client who failed DUI Roadside Physical Performance Test and whose DUI administered Urine Test revealed use of Illegal Drugs.

A Withhold of Adjudication permits those not having prior arrests to seek to seal their criminal records.

Diabetes: Obtained Reduction to Reckless Driving (with Withhold of Adjudication) on behalf of a client with diabetes. The client failed the breath test and failed the DUI Roadside Physical Performance Test. This being the client’s first arrest, he was eligible to later seek to seal his criminal arrest record.
Tourrette Syndrome: Reduction to Reckless Driving Charge. State Attorney wished to prosecute client for DUI when his urine test reveled use of controlled chemical substances similar to but not identical to those prescribed by his physician.
Borderline Mental Retardation: Non-jail outcome for second and third DUI convictions for arrests occurring weeks apart.

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