Crash in Atlanta results in intense fire and 8 hour traffic jam

Tuesday morning, a fatal accident occurred on I-285, one of Atlanta’s busiest highways. Drivers who were on their way to work found traffic congested; even the local roads were jammed with people trying to avoid the highway congestion.
The car accident occurred early Tuesday morning when a young man collided with a semi truck. The young man had been driving the wrong way down the highway. Currently Modesto lawyer for semi-truck accident investigators are still not sure how or why the young man ended up driving against traffic.
The young man was killed in the crash. It is unclear whether his car was what caught on fire, but firefighters were called onto the scene and had a large fire to deal with. The semi truck had been carrying a load of margarine.
According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, the firefighters used 15,000 gallons of water to put out the fire. Responders were most concerned about the young boy and the truck driver. According to the article, the truck driver was not hurt in the collision.
This type of accident was especially difficult to clear because of the intensity of the fire. It took 8 hours to clear the highway as hundreds of thousands of drivers attempted to go around the crash site.
Sometimes when an Deerfield Beach car accident lawyer causes a traffic jam like the one on Tuesday, other accidents can occur. If traffic is moving quickly and then all of a sudden comes to a dead stop, a driver may accidentally rear-end the vehicle in front of them.

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