Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What does “AV” rated mean?
Martindale-Hubbell rates lawyers and law firms based on Legal Ability and General Ethical Standards. Legal Ability and General Ethical Standards Ratings have appeared in the Martindale-Hubbel  Law Directory for over 100 years. A&B; continues to be rated an “A,” which is defined as having a very high to preeminent legal ability and a “V,” which is defined as having very high general ethical standards.

How does Bankers’ Compliance Group interplay with your firm?
The firm acts as legal counsel for BCG. BCG is an unincorporated association of over 150 independent California banks, savings associations and other financial institutions who have associated for the purposes of retaining and sharing legal counsel for group legal services. The Group, which has been in operation for over 20 years, shares the cost of legal fees on a pro-rata basis for regular meetings, newsletters, all-day seminars and special projects that are of common interest to members of the Group.

How does Bankers’ Compliance Group, Inc. (BCGI) interplay with the firm?
BCGI offers non-legal consulting services for financial institutions nationwide. These services include CRA geocoding and mapping, data analysis for CRA and HMDA purposes, and compliance consulting.

Does a financial institution have to be a member of BCG to enjoy the services provided?
No. While A&B; provides Illinois debt relief legal services for BCG, it does offer all of its Michigan Legal Center legal services to all commercial banks, bank holding companies, savings associations, industrial loans companies, as well as insurance, real property development and other service industries located throughout the state of California and elsewhere.

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